Nine Fabulous Summer Polishes

Nail Polish Collage


First off, I just want to apologize for the cornball ass title but my creative juices were running dry this week. After last week’s little rant, I’m back at it with your scheduled content, and this week I decided to try something different and do a lil’ nail polish post. In the summer I know y’all want your nails to be looking fly as fuck, so I created a small compilation of my favorite hues for the summer. 

  1. OPI New Orleans 2016 Collection – She’s a Bad Muffuletta  – I personally was never a big fan of hot red nail polishes until I found this color. Prior to my discovery, I associated hot red nail polishes with tacky middle aged waitresses(no shade to all the waitresses out there), and wouldn’t even take a glance at one. Deep reds were my thing. Then, OPI released their new collection and I found this shade. Y’all this shade is a beautiful mix of a really bright hot red and a pink coral. Sounds weird as fuck, but it works and it was stunning on my skin tone. For only $7 on Amazon, you can cop this fire nail polish.
  2. Essie – Sunday Funday –  Corals are like a staple of summer nail polish colors. If there ain’t a coral nail polish already in your collection, this is the one for you. Sunday Funday is a classic pink coral that you need ASAP. Whenever I wear this, I get a shitton of compliments. What I also love about this polish is that it’s perfectly opaque with two coats.
  3. ILNP – Juliette  – Glittery nail polishes used to make me want to rip my fucking eyeballs out because I thought they were crazy tacky. Like beyond middle aged waitresses wearing hot red nail polish tacky. Then I found Juliette and my mind was fucking blown to bits.  Juliette is a glittery rose gold/ silver polish and its become the love of my life.
  4. OPI New Orleans 2016 Collection – Show Us Your Tips  – So clearly OPI’s New Orleans collection has stolen my heart once again.  This periwinkle shade caught my eye so fast, and was in my cart in a fucking millisecond. I don’t regret my purchase at all because this polish is one of my favorites out of my whole collection. Iridescent flecks + periwinkle = an amazing manicure. My only complaint is that it’s slightly sheer. After three coats, I noticed that if I examined closely, I could slightly see my nails. Honestly, it was a bit irritating but not enough for me to be dissatisfied with the polish.
  5. ILNP – Interstellar  – I’m lowkey having a love affair with ILNP polishes to be honest. Interstellar is a blue green shimmery polish that I picked up along with Juliette. In certain lights I can notice beautiful purple and navy hues at the edge of my nails. I legitimately haven’t seen another polish like it and it’s perfect for the summer.
  6. Essie Summer Trend – Loot the Booty  – Honestly, when I first bought this I only bought it for the name because I’m a dipshit. I mean, who has a fucking nail polish named “Loot the Booty.” When I actually swatched this on my nails, I was pleasantly surprised. Loot the Booty is a rich sapphire shade with a little bit of shimmer. If you’re looking for a polish that has shimmer all up in your face, this ain’t the polish for you. If you can appreciate a slight shimmer with a lovely jewel toned hue, you’ll love this polish!
  7. Essie Corals – Meet Me At Sunset –  At first the name of this polish confused the living shit out of me because I didn’t see coral anywhere in the polish. What I saw was a bright ass orange.  As soon as I opened the package, I was just about ready to return it to the seller, but something stopped me and I kept it. Child, I’m thanking black Jesus that I kept this because this has literally replaced all of my other orange nail polishes.  On my nails Meet Me At Sunset is a very intense orange-red color. Also, the formula snatched my edges. Two coats is more than enough, and I’ve gotten away with only applying one thick coat. Meet Me At Sunset is my favorite orange nail polish out of my vast collection.
  8. Zoya Nail Polish – Amy  – After Meet Me At Sunset, Amy is my second favorite orange nail polish. I’d best describe Amy as a a red orange polish with a golden shimmer.  In certain lights, it looks super orange but for the most part it looks red-orange in person. The consistency of this polish was really great and the opacity was great as I well. Two shades gave me full coverage with no sheer bullshit.
  9. OPI Limited Edition Germany Collection – Deutsch You Want Me Baby –  Okay this isn’t really a summer polish, but I ain’t shit and it’s what I’m wearing on my nails right now.  Deutsch You Want Me Baby is a shimmery orange-red that’s a bit metallic. This polish is like autumn in a bottle. Right now I’m wearing it because I can’t stand this hot ass summer and need to be reminded of a crisp, cool fall. Anyways, I love this polish and if you want to defy the seasons like me, pick a bottle up and paint it on them nails.

That’s the end of my nail polish post! I hope y’all enjoyed reading this shit. What are your favorite summer nail polishes? Leave a comment below and indulge my shopaholic ass. 


4 thoughts on “Nine Fabulous Summer Polishes

  1. These are all gorgeous! I actually just bought Sephora and Formula X’s collab with Ashley Graham in #beautybeyondsize. It’s like the perfect magenta for the summer. I can’t wait to use it!


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