LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence: The Faux Holy Grail

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                          A super high quality photo of LJH Teatree 90 Essence.

After a long five minutes of deliberation in my shower, I came to the conclusion that I absolutely had to buy LJH’s Teatree 90 Essence. Prior to my shower, I read countless reviews of beauty bloggers declaring this their holy grail product and that they wouldn’t be able to live without it. It made my heart(and my wallet) hurt to spend thirty dollars on an essence, but I did it for my pursuit of flawless skin. Unfortunately, my heart(and my wallet) made a dumb decision by purchasing this because it did jack shit for my skin. By no means is this a terrible product that broke me out in cystic acne, but I wouldn’t buy it again.

The Claims


LJH Teatree 90 Essence claims to brighten uneven skin tone, reduce redness, moisturize the skin, reduce sebum production, and generally improve overall complexion.

The Ingredients


  • 90% tea tree extract
  • biosaccharide gum-1
  • methyl gluceth-20
  • centella asiatica extract
  • sea buckthorn extract
  • tremella fuciformis extract
  • buddleja davidii extract
  • thyme extract
  • trehalose
  • sodium hyaluronate
  • grapefruit seed extract
  • bambusa textilis extract
  • pinus palustris leaf extract
  • cellulose gum
  • caprylyl glycol
  • 1,2-hexanediol

As yall can see from this list, there’s a shitload of positive ingredients, and I love the fact that the tea tree extract is the first ingredient on the list. I also love the fact that not ONE of these ingredients comes up as an acne trigger on Cosdna.




The first time I used this, I was somewhat in shock of how moisturizing it was. After a complete disaster with a tea tree cleanser, I had previously vowed to avoid anything containing tea tree. The cleanser I used was so ridiculously drying that my skin was peeling. This essence, however, is the most moisturizing anti-acne treatment I’ve ever used.

Unfortunately, this didn’t do much else for my combination, acne-prone skin. I was hoping that the tea tree would help to reduce my pimples, or at least prevent them. This essence didn’t necessarily fight my acne, or heal the present pimples on my face. I didn’t notice any reduction of uneven skintone, but I wasn’t really expecting that from a tea tree essence. For the first week I used this, I did notice a tremendous reduction in my sebum production on my forehead. An hour after washing my face, my forehead is usually a greasy mess. The first week I used this, I didn’t notice any oiliness until later in the day. Sadly, it’s magical sebum reduction abilities flaked on me after the second week of using this and my forehead went back to it’s usual greasy mess.

Not related to the essence itself, but I really adored the packaging of the essence. LJH Teatree 90 Essence comes in a small bottle with a glass dropper. The dropper makes it easy not to use too much of the essence at one time.


                    Another super high quality photo of the packaging. 


Even though LJH Teatree 90 Essence has tons of amazing ingredients for the skin, I personally didn’t notice anything beneficial from using it. While it’s not the worst product in the world, I’m so disappointed because I saw so many people with acne-prone skin making this their holy grail product.

Rating: 3/5

Madblackthot’s Rating Scale

1 – What kind of fuckshit? Would give this product to my worst enemy.

2-  Mess. Trash ass product with one redeeming quality.

3 – Meh. Wouldn’t repurchase.

4 – It’s lit! Great product.

5 – My edges have been completely snatched to the gods. Holy grail of holy grails!