Polishing Off the Week : The Neutrals

I have an obsession with nails. Nail polish, manicures, acrylics, whatever it is, I’m hype when it comes to nails. My nail polish obsession is truly tragic because I tend to impulse buy nail polish colors I don’t need. Despite my tragic, expensive obsession with painting my nails, I’ve decided to recommend my favorite polishes of the week. Recently, I’ve been wearing a lot more neutral polishes instead of pastel polishes. Look below for my five picks!

Essie Mochachino

This is a cool gray polish with a slight shimmer. It goes perfectly with my skin tone and I tend to dislike gray polishes.

Buy it on Amazon for $8.50.

Essie Little Brown Dress

This is a very, very dark brown polish that almost looks black. The color is reminiscent of black coffee. I highly recommend this for all my black girls reading this.

Buy it on Beyond Polish for $4.75.

OPI Barefoot in Barcelona

Barefoot in Barcelona is a pinky brown color and it’s my favorite neutral of the five.

Buy it on Amazon for $7.20.

OPI Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath is a classic neutral/nude for all skin toes. It is a very light pink but gives a subtle hint of color.

Buy it on Amazon for $6.73.

Essie Chinchilly

This polish is a gray and beige color and the color looks exactly as it does in the bottle.

Buy it on Amazon for $8.50.


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